Chrome Canary has released new QR code generator function

The first thing that generally comes to mind when we think of a search engine is Google. At one time it did not have its own server but was addressed through others.

Chrome Canary

More than 10 years ago, Google changed this by bringing Chrome into our lives. But it didn’t stop there alone. In fact, it also gave birth to a new version of this great software, but especially for developers.

The name of this new version was Chrome Canary. With his arrival, Google opened the doors to innovative thinking and invention by giving developers the opportunity to start working on new projects from this platform.

What’s new in Chrome Canary?

One of the most recent changes to the platform is now the introduction of this new QR code generator. It will no longer be just an alternative to sharing links via the browser.

Chrome Canary

First, you could only send the URL using the “Share with my teams” option. However, this might be a bit unpleasant.
The new feature allows you to generate a QR code for each URL in Chrome Canary. This allows it to be scanned by the mobile device or sent across to others.

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To activate it, simply go to chrome://flags/ and select the alternative “Activate page sharing via QR code”. Then a new alternative should appear in the search engine toolbar labeled “Convert to QR code”.

Does Chrome offer this feature?

This alternative is currently only available in Chrome Canary version 80.0.3987.0. However, it won’t be long before it starts to spread to the regular Google Chrome search engine.

Finally, the arrival of these QR codes will improve the functionality of the site. It will also provide new amenities that users will surely appreciate.

Therefore, there is still no arrow set for the arrival of this feature in Chrome. However, since it is already active in the Canary Islands, it may only take a few days to reach the general public.