The picture-in-picture mode now available as default for Chrome 70

As François Beaufort has just announced in his Google+ profile, the picture-in-picture feature is now enabled by default in the Windows, Linux and MacOS versions of Chrome. This feature was experimentally available in the beta versions of Chrome 69, although it had to be explicitly enabled. It is now officially available for all users of Chrome 70.

The picture-in-picture mode now available as default for Chrome 70

The picture-in-picture feature allows users to view playback videos through a floating window in the foreground while performing other tasks on their desktop computers at the same time.

This window has only the basic Play and Pause functions and the Close button, as well as the ability to move and resize it to any other location on the screen, allowing users to customize it to their preferences or needs.

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Google has also released an official extension for Chrome that allows you to view any video on the web through a floating window.

It also addresses developers by giving them the ability to integrate this feature into the media players on their websites.

Beaufort also announces that users can try the new feature on YouTube by playing a video, right-clicking on it and selecting the Picture in Picture option.

This new feature will soon also be available in Chrome OS and Android. Chrome OS users can enable this feature in the experimental phase in this system by chromium: //flags/#enable-surfaces-for-videos (without spaces).