Lenovo releases Enterprise VR All-in-One Mirage VR S3

At the recent Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Global Summit online conference, Lenovo announced the latest version of its business VR solution: Mirage VR S3, based on the Think Reality platform for business users. The headset is reportedly a complete VR device developed by Lenovo in collaboration with Pico. Designed for businesses, it features a 4K display, … Read more

Huawei XR to power SoC for Rokid Vision glasses

Rokid Vision

HiSilicon, the business unit of Huawei, has officially announced an augmented reality eyewear platform with 8K video decoding hardware, integrated graphics, and neural processors. Along with the chip, the first eyewear on this platform – Rokid Vision – was shown for demonstration. The chip supports a resolution of 42.7 pixels per degree per eye. The … Read more

Hand tracking in Quest leaves beta, first games without controllers are approaching

Hand tracking in Quest leaves beta, first games without controllers are approaching

The hand tracking software control feature in Oculus Quest is no longer just an experiment. This week, Facebook will take it out of beta status, and next week three games adapted to it will be introduced on the App Store. This means that third-party handheld apps will be open for download. BP developers of Facebook … Read more

Samsung closes all services of the Samsung XR platform

Samsung closes all services of the Samsung XR platform

The announcement was posted on the Samsung XR site. With the completion of the Gear VR South Korean Samsung project, all applications for BP video on the web, smartphone glasses, and standalone devices will roll down. Samsung completes servicing its XR applications on the web, mobile, and headset platforms. The service will be discontinued on … Read more

Half-Life: Alyx , Valve has released a tool for creating mods and a Linux version of the game

Half-Life: Alyx

Valve has published mode tools for “Half-Life: Alyx” and their release in Steam Workshop. They can be used to develop new levels, models, textures, and animations for the game. About one and a half months have passed since the release of Alyx. Alyx Workshop Tools arrived in time to maintain its popularity. It is currently … Read more

NVIDIA CloudXR SDK version 1.0, a kickstart for VR/AR online streaming


NVIDIA announced the release of version 1.0 of its CloudXR SDK, a suite of tools that enables network operators to deliver cloud-rendered AR/VR streaming capabilities. Nvidia is constantly preparing its CloudXR system for the emergence of edge computing networks with GPUs and 5G-connected devices. The company has developed a number of tools that enable these … Read more

SteamVR and macOS, Valve has discontinued support

SteamVR and macOS, Valve has discontinued support

Valve announces that SteamVR will no longer be available under the Apple operating system MacOS. Its support will be discontinued. This is very bad news for players under MacOS. Regarding its technology, SteamVR Valve announces that its development teams will discontinue support for the macOS platform. The goal is to “focus” on Windows and Linux … Read more

Microsoft HoloScreens empowers a multi monitor environment without requiring any physical

HoloScreens (Mirage)

Today Microsoft introduced an application for Hololens users codenamed HoloScreens (codename Mirage), a HoloScreens application that allows users to easily expand their workspace in the virtual world. Users simply start the HoloLens app in HoloLens and see the QR code in the HoloLens PC app. Devices like the HoloLens, which are currently only intended for … Read more