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Optocrypto is a place where every techie science addict would love to land. Our team gathers daily technology news, including new inventions in the field of gadgets, mobiles, smartphones,  science and computing world and keeps an eye on every attached happening to them in the world. We focus on readers best interests and quality technology news and to let our readers know about real-time and hypothetical creations in the science world. Our team is based on individuals working in different field of science and technology like IT specialist, industrial engineers, and specialist journalists. Optocrypto team would like to hear from you, for suggestions, criticism or any other query, please use our contact form or leave the email message.


Optocrypto.com was founded in December 2016. It is a website aimed at the most enthusiastic computer users. There you will find analyses, video reviews and the most important news from the technology sector.

In our analyses, we always try to give an objective view and a table of advantages and disadvantages. In this way, we try to ensure that our readers learn in the most instructive way possible.


The administrator and main author of the blog is: “David”..

Age:  30 years
Location:  Massachusetts (United States)
Hardware Technician in Computer Systems and Networks Administration.
Email:  admin@optocrypto.com


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