Leap Motion improves hand tracking

Large update of the Leap Motion “Orion” engine.

Leap Motion improves hand tracking

The manufacturer of the Leap Motion Gesture Controller continues to improve hand tracking technology by releasing another major update to its proprietary Orion engine. The new software version, which works with a dedicated sensor, provides even more accurate tracking of hand and finger movements, making interaction with objects in the VR environment more natural than ever before.

Orion is a combination of hardware and software, designed from the outset with virtual reality in mind. Leap Motion is a precise sensor that detects the movement of fingers of the hand with great accuracy. It allows you to track even the slightest movement of all your fingers, and in combination with VR goggles such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it lets you move your hands into a virtual reality environment. In short, thanks to Leap Motion we can see our own hands and all their movements, thus increasing the effect of immersion, i.e. the impression of presence in a virtual environment.

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With the update of the Orion engine, the company launched three new demo applications:



Cat Explorer

Orion’s beta software for Windows is available for download here.