NVIDIA announces RTX IO, a GPU-based feature to enhance SSD gaming

According to the company, the RTX IO technology suite works with the Windows DirectStorage API to improve compression of games on SSDs. As a result, the hardware can open files faster, ensuring faster loading screens. The application is similar to the new generation of consoles, the PS5 and Xbox X-Series.

In addition to the announcement of the new amp-based video cards, Nivida introduced a number of new technologies for its video cards. One of the new features is the RTX IO, a set of tools that uses the GPU to compress files to improve game storage.

Nvidia points out that thanks to the use of NVMe SSDs, games have been moving in this direction in recent times, but the high processor load still causes headaches.

According to the company, processing information directly on the graphics card guarantees up to 100 times better performance than the solutions currently in use. The method also reduces the load on the CPU and provides about 20% less work for the processor. The manufacturer’s graphics show measured values of up to 14 GB/s with low CPU utilization.

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NVIDIA announces RTX IO, a GPU-based feature to enhance SSD gaming

The company also points out that using technology with Windows DirectStorage should reduce the file size. As a result, the trend is for developers to be able to deliver games with faster downloads, resulting in less space being used on the SSD.

NVIDIA confirmed that the tool works with all Amp and Turing GPUs, including the RTX 20 and RTX 30 models. In addition, the company has not provided detailed information at this time about the performance impact of using such a tool.

According to Nvidia, Microsoft plans to launch DirectStorage for Windows next year.