AMD’s DLSS (FidelityFX Super Resolution) would arrive next month

According to Coreteks, a well-known YouTuber who has leaked AMD content in the past, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technology (the counterpart to NVIDIA’s DLSS) will be released next June.

Apparently, AMD FSR technology would already be in the hands of developers and would have the advantage of not requiring AI training for its implementation, which would allow for easier and faster integration into games.

In addition to the big news that AMD’s long-awaited technology will be released later next month, the interesting thing is that it will also reportedly be compatible with NVIDIA graphics cards. This could lead to some studios favoring FSR integration with DLSS, as it would kill two birds with one stone.

Of course, the latter will largely depend on how well AMD’s technology works and what performance improvements it offers, as no concrete data has been shown yet in comparison to NVIDIA’s offering.

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