AMD FSR kicks off this June 22nd with 7 games, but 12 more games to come

The war between NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) is open now officially, as it has been leaked that 7 games with this support will be released on June 22. Apart from that, AMD has 12 more titles on the way that will be much more interesting.

AMD FSR kicks off this June 22nd with 7 games, but 12 more games to come

There’s already a list floating around the internet of games that will support AMD FSR at release, including Anno 1800 and Godfall, are you convinced? I’m not, but the best is yet to come on AMD Radeon and RX 6000, as there are already powerful games on the way to support them.

FidelityFX Super Resolution will support games like Godfall at launch

AMD will begin its FidelityFX Super Resolution journey on June 22 with 7 games leaked as follows:

  • 22 Racing Series.
  • Anno 1800.
  • Evil Genius 2.
  • Godfall.
  • KingShunt.
  • Terminator Resistance.
  • The Rift Breaker.
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That doesn’t sound like a very strong list, although it depends on your taste. However, AMD has prepared FidelityFX Super Resolution support for 12 more games:

  • Asterigos.
  • Baldur’s Gate III.
  • DOTA 2.
  • Edge of Eternity.
  • Far Cry 6.
  • Farming Simulator 22.
  • Forspoken.
  • Myst.
  • Necromunda: Hired Gun.
  • Resident Evil Village.
  • Swordsman Remake.
  • Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt.

In addition, there is a leaked list of up to 44 game developers who have declared their support for AMD FSR, although there is no word on when they will offer games with this support. I don’t know about the rest but I think there are some important ones missing from the list.

It won’t be easy for AMD to compete with the list of games that support NVIDIA DLSS, but it’s worth noting that “the green team” didn’t have many supported games when they came out.

The problem is that there is a very powerful catalog of games with DLSS support, with titles like Metro Exodus, Doom Eternal, Rainbow Six Siege, RDR2, and many more.

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