DLSS, Nvidia partners with Valve to bring DLSS to Linux via Steam Proton,

Nvidia partners with Valve to bring DLSS to Linux via Steam Proton

NVIDIA and Valve are working together to support DLSS on Linux, specifically on the Steam Proton platform. Interestingly, this news comes shortly after AMD’s announcement of FidelityFX Super Resolution, the open-source cross-platform alternative.

It took AMD to get NVIDIA to take care of Linux and the lack of DLSS support demanded by the Linux community. Thanks to this partnership between NVIDIA and Valve, Linux gamers can use their RTX 2000 or 3000 to get more FPS on Steam.

NVIDIA DLSS is coming to Linux with Steam, late?

NVIDIA has announced that it is working with Valve to integrate DLSS into Linux via Steam Proton. You already know that NVIDIA DLSS is a technology that works on the latest RTX 2000 and RTX 3000 graphics cards, designed to get more FPS in video games in exchange for a small loss in image quality.

DLSS, Nvidia partners with Valve to bring DLSS to Linux via Steam Proton,

Previously, Linux did not have this support from NVIDIA, and that is why there is not so much community of “gamers” in this operating system. It is worth talking about Steam Proton, an open-source tool from Valve that allows Windows games to run on Linux.

Steam Proton is integrated into the Steam beta client, but why didn’t NVIDIA support it earlier, or why did they decide to do so? There are several reasons for this:

The Linux gamer community is not huge, but it exists. In the end, it’s a market you give up. Do you want to abandon gamers with GeForce RTX on Linux?
AMD announced the arrival of FidelityFX Super Resolution, the DLSS alternative, but in open source. This technology can be used on NVIDIA, AMD, and even Intel graphics cards and is cross-platform, meaning it will be available on Linux and the PS5 or Xbox series.

Intel is interested in integrating AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution into its Xe-HPG architecture graphics cards. So said Raja Koduri.
As it turns out, it seems to be more of a “counterattack” by NVIDIA on AMD FSR. So, NVIDIA has stated that Vulkan gaming support is coming this month.

Is NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR better? We will address this question in the future, as FidelityFX Super Resolution is scheduled to launch on June 22. Until then, it’s just talking for talk’s sake, but don’t worry, we’ll take a closer look at this technology.