Valve renews its SteamOS and Linux support after the failure of Steam Machines

Recently, Valve removed all references to Steam Machines within its Steam digital video game store, leading users to believe that the company was giving up the initiative to bet on video games under Linux.

Valve renews its SteamOS and Linux support after the failure of Steam Machines

Is valve still betting on Linux – a new console on the way?

The company says in a statement posted on its blog today that it is still committed to SteamOS and Linux. The main reason for removing Steam Machines from the navigation menu was the low amount of traffic the page received. Valve says the Steam Machine initiative helped him better understand the Linux gaming landscape and allowed him to make the decision he needed to improve the Tux platform get first-class support for Vulkan, and better tools and driver support.

There are other Linux initiatives that Valve says itn’s working with, but not yet ready to release information about them. While not yet ready to officially present his plans, Gabe Newell recently admitted he was jealous of Nintendo’s ability to design games specifically for his hardware. The company believes it can also address any hardware project, and says it has some new games on the way so that it might try again with a console with SteamOS technology.

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We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out what Valve is working on, it could be a new concept of the game console to fight with Sony and Microsoft, or it could be some collaboration with Nintendo.