AMD disproves experiencing issues with PlayStation 5 SoC

AMD, which owns the semi-state SoC, has made an official statement. A few days ago Sony denied a rumor claiming that production of its new console had been cut by 15 to 11 million units due to manufacturing problems at TSMC.

Forrest Norrod, AMD’s vice president, and general manager of the data center, has been asked to respond to this circulating information and refute it. At Deutsche Bank’s technology conference, Norrod not only denied these alleged manufacturing problems but also responded that the availability of 7nm chips will be very abundant, making AMD the largest customer of TSMC in this manufacturing process.

The reason for this great news from AMD is that TSMC’s other customers, such as Apple and Huawei, have made the leap to the 5nm manufacturing process, so availability in the 7nm range is much higher.

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In addition, the company is not expected to make the same mistakes as in the past and will provide a good inventory of the next AMD Ryzen 5000. Remember that in the mobile phone market, in particular, AMD usually has very limited units on the market, as with the Ryzen 4000, which still has storage problems today. In any case, the company seems to be aware of this and will not present any delays in production this time, both for the PlayStation 5 and the Ryzen 5000 line.