TSMC: All is well, no delays in the 3nm production Roadmap

TSMC says that 3nm production is all good and there is no impact of the US action against Huawei. Recently, the semiconductor market experienced rapid changes in the market, the global pandemic led to the economic downturn and other factors affecting the semiconductor development prospects, previously there were rumors that TSMC has delayed the advanced process, which delayed 3 nm for six months to the next year Q1 quarter before the test production, but the official denies the news.

TSMC 3nm is the next generation node after 5nm, official information shows that the transistor density of 3nm process has reached unprecedented 250 million/mm, while the 5nm process is only 180 million/mm2, while 3 nm power is 7% higher than 5nm, the power consumption ratio is 15% higher.

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With regard to the process, TSMC evaluated various options and concluded that the current FinFET process is better in terms of cost and energy efficiency, so the first 3 nm will still be FinFET transistor technology.

A few days ago there were rumors that the United States crushed on Huawei, causing a slowdown in demand for advanced processes, TSMC not only reduced the 7nm, 5nm process capacity, while the 3nm process is also postponed for 2 quarters.

However, TSMC today denied the rumors and said that everything is going according to plan, 3nm process as planned in Q1 2021 for test production, and the second half of 2022 there will be mass production.