Xbox Series S release date is closer than you think

Xbox Series S release date is closer than you think

Important information about the Xbox Series S, a new affordable console from Microsoft has returned. And now, ‘Eurogamer’ reveals when it will be released.

The announcement of the Xbox Series S is closer than you think

The Xbox Series S or Xbox Lockhart, as the cheap next-generation console from Microsoft is currently known, is still making noise after its possible specifications were revealed last week. Now the Eurogamer portal is providing relevant data on its announcement, reinforcing rumors that the launch will take place very soon. According to media reports, Microsoft will confirm the hardware during an event in August.

Microsoft had planned to launch the Xbox Series S during E3 2020, but the coronavirus ruined their plan.

However, the source points out that the original plan of the Redmond was to introduce the Xbox Series S at E3 2020. The event in Los Angeles, the largest and most important in the gaming industry, was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. All companies had to come up with a plan B to introduce their new products for the next generation of consoles, including Microsoft.

In fact, the company is planning another event in July, dedicated to unveiling the first exclusive games for the platform. Eurogamer is not the only one to coincide with the presentation in August, as Jeff Grubb of Venture Beat is aiming for the same month. This journalist was the first to report on the date of the PlayStation 5 launch (11 June), so his information is usually quite reliable.

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Specifications and possible price

Microsoft wants to make it clear that while the Xbox Series S offers lower technical performance than the Xbox Series X, but all next-generation games can be enjoyed. According to The Verge, the cheap console will have 7.5 GB of usable RAM, a GPU with a performance of up to 4 teraflops, and a CPU with a lower speed. One developer already found mention of Xbox Lockhart in the Xbox One operating system, so its existence is more than assured.

It is obvious that the omission of some components and the visual part is reflected in the price. Eastmen, a well-known gem in the Xbox community, announced that the Xbox Series S will cost half as much as the X Series. The price could go up to $200, making it very attractive to consumers. It will be interesting to see the number of people who are interested in enjoying the visual innovations that the most powerful consoles will offer.

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