The Xbox series X to be launched in November 2020

Xbox Series X will be the next console from Microsoft, scheduled for later this year. The company is slowly giving us details about it. It is expected to be a console that will change many things over the current generation. So it is a console that is awaited with interest. It seems that there is already information about the release date.

The Xbox Series X will be released in November

It is scheduled to be launched in November. This date would have been chosen so that the console will be on the market in the United States by Thanksgiving.

This date is no coincidence. Thanksgiving and Black Friday, which are celebrated at the end of November, are two moments with enormous sales. Therefore, the Xbox series X would have good entry into the market, with higher sales. It would also arrive in time for the Christmas campaign in the rest of the world.

Although for the time being, the launch would only apply to the United States. In Europe, it might not be launched in November, but only in December. This is something that has yet to be confirmed.

The introduction of the Xbox series X should take place later this year. Microsoft itself said at the time that the market launch was expected to be in late 2020. So, in part, it’s no surprise, but at least it gives us more indication of when this console will be released.

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