Xbox Series X will be backwards compatible with thousands of games

One of the doubts of many users was whether it would be possible to play the previous generation Xbox games on the Xbox series X. A question that has now fortunately been resolved in a positive way. Because this new console will be retro-compatible with thousands of games from previous generations of the console. So you will be able to play many of them.

Xbox Series X will be backward compatible with thousands of games

The games are executed natively and run with the full power of the game’s CPU, GPU, and SSD. This is great news.

In part, it was already known that the Xbox series X would be backward compatible with previous games. However, these new data show that it will also improve the games, as it will use its full power, which means that in most cases it will improve the games. It will provide a better experience for users.

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On the console, we will find the possibility of doubling the frame rate in some games, as well as a new HDR reconstruction technique that will allow games that did not originally have HDR to have HDR.

These are certain aspects that will make the Xbox series X very attractive to users. It seems that in this area it will clearly surpass Sony’s PS5, which will be retro-compatible with games, but (as far as we know) it will not include improvements like those made by Microsoft.