Xbox Series X takes over the Xbox Scarlett: New Generation Microsoft Console

Unexpectedly, Microsoft has introduced its new console generation in 2019 The Game Awards gala. This is the Xbox Series X, previously known as Project Scarlett, which will be launched on the world market in late 2020. On this occasion, the company confirmed that it will focus entirely on video games. The company has left us with the first details.

Xbox Series X will be the next generation of Microsoft consoles

With this console, the company wants to offer users even more realistic, immersive, receptive and surprising worlds. It offers the best gaming experience at all times.

New console generation

When choosing the name, the Xbox Series X leaves the door open for new generations of consoles. So it could be the beginning of a new era for Microsoft in the console market. In addition, using the name series makes it easier to have a cheap version of the console, as rumored for months.

Microsoft itself confirms the freedom that the use of this name gives them to develop or explore new ideas. So with these new consoles, we can expect innovation and certain risks from the company.

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This Xbox Series X will be more powerful, with hardware that requires 4x the CPU power of the current One X. In addition, a new control will be introduced in the console, how to know where there will be a button to share. The event also confirmed that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II will be one of the first games to arrive on the new console.

he new console also promises 4K graphics at 60 frames per second and achieves compatibility at 120 frames per second to achieve 8K resolution.

The design of the console, which resembles the CPU of a desktop computer, allows it to be placed both vertically and horizontally, and its performance is given in an “efficient and quiet” console, according to the Xbox Wire statement.

Xbox Series X: Variable Rate Shading (VRS) Technology for reducing loading times

At the same time, the new console will feature a new technology called Variable Rate Shading (VRS), which “virtually eliminates loading times and takes players into their game worlds faster than ever before.

Xbox Series X takes over the Xbox Scarlett: New Generation Microsoft Console

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In addition, a new Xbox Series X controller has been announced that will include a share button to share screenshots and videos and improvements to the traverse, although the console will also work with Xbox One controllers.