Project xCloud to be integrated into Xbox Game Pass at launch

Microsoft is paving the way for the launch of Project xCloud, the preliminary version, which will be launched in a number of countries in Europe in the next few weeks. Gradually, they are preparing to allow Android users to play the Xbox on their consoles. It is expected to be integrated into the Xbox Game Pass, as previously announced.

Project xCloud will be integrated into the Xbox Game Pass at launch

With 10 million users worldwide, the Xbox Game Pass can now give the platform a good boost.

It’s one way to help Project xCloud reach more users around the world, especially since the launch will be continuous within a few months. In addition, the company will be leaving us this year with its new console, which promises to be the most powerful, so a number of important releases for the company are imminent.

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Microsoft is making a clear bet to conquer the world of streaming games. These releases and this integration will, therefore, help to increase its presence in this segment, which could be an advantage over Sony.

It has been said that the integration of Project xCloud into the Xbox Game Pass will take place in a few months. But so far no dates have been mentioned, so it will probably be in the second half of this year, possibly in autumn when everything gets ready.