Stadia, Google’s new cloud-based gaming platform

Stadia, Google’s new cloud-based gaming platform

Google has just officially launched its new cloud-based game broadcasting service in its keynote speech in the city of San Francisco. It is called Stadia and is designed so that users can play game titles with absolute fluidity and without expensive equipment, downloads or installation of specific software, taking advantage of Google’s cloud infrastructure.

Stadia, Google’s new cloud-based gaming platform

All users need is a Chrome device and an Internet connection for the platform to work. This means that users can play the game titles available in the stadium on different types of devices, both from computers and from mobile devices, even via the televisions directly.

Users must start from the developers’ YouTube game broadcasts in order to enter and play games, by pressing the “Play Now” option, which provides virtually immediate and instant access and a completely smooth and easy experience, even in games with lots of graphics, regardless of the features of the device you are currently using.

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For launch, the Stadia gaming platform offers experiences in up to 4K resolution at 60 fps with surround sound and HDR, but will also support a maximum resolution of 8K at 120 fps in the future.

In addition, Stadia has its own game controller that can be used with the selected device at any time to access the game you are interested in. This controller can be used wirelessly, connects to the same WiFi network and even allows you to switch between devices on which game sessions are conducted.

Before the official launch of Stadia, Google launched the Project Strobe last autumn to allow users to test Google’s gaming technology by playing Assassins Creed Odyssey from the browser itself at 1080p at 60fps.

The launch date or prices of the new service are not known at this time, although Google says it will offer more information at the developer conference.

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