Google Stadia, more details avowed to get the beauty

Over time, we are discovering the secrets of Google Stadia, the streaming video game platform that Google recently unveiled.

Now Google has completed the Questions and Answers section of its platform, and among them, some previously unknown innovations have been released, such as the fact that when a player buys a game, he will have access to it forever, even if it is no longer available to other players in the future.

Further details announced:

– Stadia supports multiplayer titles, as up to four Stadia controllers can be used to play between multiple people. Stadia will feature multiplayer games from the start in November.
– The controller uses WiFi to connect to the game.
– We can also connect the controller to a phone, tablet or PC using a USB cable connected to the USB-C port.
– We can use Stadia on an account other than the one used for registration, for example, making it easy to buy gift certificates for other people.
– Game developers can access for more information on how to complete projects for this platform.
– Games purchased in the Stadia are available in all countries where the Platform is available, regardless of where they were purchased, but not in a country where the Stadia is not yet available.
– An Internet speed of at least 10 Mbps is recommended to play Stadia at 720p.

Other than this, just remember that to use Android phones, pixels 3 and 3a are required, but we can create accounts and buy games from any Android M or iOS 11 device.

You can read the full FAQ page at this link.

Google Stadia, Google Stadia, more details avowed to get the beauty, Optocrypto

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