Google Stadia Controller, finally the wireless connectivity delights the players

We already know that ” it is better to be late than never come “, and this time it is a good idea for Google. As announced in ” In this week, there is a piece of great news for Stadia lovers “, starting this week, the Google Stadia Controller will work wirelessly on PCs.

Google Stadia Controller now works wirelessly on your PC

Previously, the Google Stadia Controller could only be used on PCs via a USB-C cable. This is something that was not very well received by players due to the lack of a compatible port or wireless connection, which led many to decide to use an alternative gamepad.

Google Stadia Controller, finally the wireless connectivity delights the players

Six months after launch, Google will finally offer support for wireless connectivity for users of the Google Stadia Controller on PCs. The controller will be able to connect to the router via WiFi, and the feature will be introduced this week for stadia users. The company’s official statements are as follows:


Starting this week, it will be possible to use the Google Stadia Controller to play wirelessly on both your laptop and PC gamer. From now on, it will no longer be necessary to physically connect the controller to the computer in order to play. All you need to do is connect the Google Stadia Controller and over your Wi-Fi network to play without a USB-C connection.

Many have pointed out that this connection model promotes the compatibility of the Stadia controller with other devices that would otherwise not allow it, although it remains to be seen what further advances can be expected in the future for peripherals.