AMD Big Navi will arrive before the next generation consoles

The red mark has finally confirmed that its new AMD Big Navi graphics processor with RDNA 2 architecture will reach the PC earlier than the next generation of Play Station 5 and XBOX series X consoles.

Big Navi RDNA 2 for PC by the end of 2020

The new Navi 21 graphics cards, also known as Big Navi by fans and gamers alike because they represent the attack on the untouchable Nvidia’s high end. This next generation will be based on the new RDNA 2 architecture, which has already proven to withstand the mid/high end of the green brand, and now wants to go one step further in the quest for ray tracing and the most demanding consumers.

The announcement was made by Financial Director Davinder Kumar, who confirmed the news during the Bank of America Securities global technology conference. He essentially said that “the first RDNA 2 product to be launched will be Big Navi, a new generation of desktop graphics cards.

He also reiterated what we already knew: “AMD is well on track to bring its next generation of Zen 3 CPUs and RDNA 2 GPUs to market by the end of 2020. This means we’ll have a lot of work to do by the end of the year to test and analyze many new AMD products for the next generation. With everything that has happened this year due to the pandemic, this would certainly be great news for all AMD users.

If the claim is solid, we will have AMD Radeon RX 6000 cards by September or October, as the launch of the new XBOX X series consoles and Play Station 5 is also planned for the end of 2020 and both are equipped with an RDNA 2 GPU. It could be even earlier, which we would talk about an upcoming announcement later this summer.

AMD has taken the easy way out in 2020 when we saw some mid-range GPUs and now their new B550 platform, but in the final stage it will be exciting. Kumar also said, “The RDNA-2 architecture is going through the entire stack,” which is what David Wang, RTG vice president promised last year. This means that there will be a whole family of Radeon RX 6000, not just one GPU competing in the competitive arena.

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