Nvidia celebrates 500 games and apps with DLSS and RTX,

Nvidia celebrates 500 games and apps with DLSS and RTX

Nvidia Celebrates 500 Games and Applications Featuring DLSS and RTX Technologies.

Nvidia’s Milestone: 500 Games and Apps with DLSS and RTX

The green company is celebrating the achievement of having more than 500 games and applications supporting their RTX and DLSS technologies, marking a significant triumph.

It has been approximately 5 years since RTX and DLSS entered the scene (RTX debuted in August 2018), making the attainment of this number of supported applications and games in that time not a straightforward accomplishment.

A remarkable statistic relates to Cyberpunk 2077, where 97% of players with a GeForce GPU enjoying this title have done so with DLSS and/or Ray Tracing activated. This figure indicates the game’s high requirements, necessitating the use of DLSS, while high-end GPU users prefer Ray Tracing for the best visual quality.

Nvidia, Nvidia celebrates 500 games and apps with DLSS and RTX,

Throughout this time, DLSS technology has also evolved with the launch of three iterations of Deep Learning Super Sampling, along with Ray Tracing technology accelerated by new generations of GPUs released in the same period.

From the figures shared by Nvidia, 75% belong to games. Among the applications is the Omniverse ecosystem, which includes tools for creators and various tasks. Meanwhile, DLSS 1 and 2 represent 90%, with DLSS 3 representing the remaining 10%. For more information, you can visit the official Nvidia page. We will keep you informed of all updates.


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