Monster Hunter World improves performance by 50% with Nvidia DLSS

With the introduction of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 20XX graphics card series, game developers now have two new technologies through DLSS and ray tracing at their disposal. There aren’t many games that support DLSS yet, but one of them will soon add it and that’s the Monster Hunter world.

Monster Hunter World

Nvidia assures that its DLSS technology applied to Monster Hunter World can improve performance by up to 50%. The technology will be applied through an update to be released next week.

Nvidia DLSS and ray tracing improving game performance dramatically

We must point out that Monster Hunter World can be a very challenging game. If this update can really improve the frames per second by 50%, then RTX 20 users should notice a big improvement in the game.

Nvidia has even gone so far as to say that with the game in maximum graphics configuration, with the high-resolution texture package installed, 60 frames per second can be achieved. Something that has proven to be very difficult on most systems so far.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World will have a significant advantage over previous DLSS games. A sharp slider has now been added. This allows us to make the image sharper or smoother, depending on which look we like best. It remains to be seen if this feature will be extended to other DLSS games.

Soon Monster Hunter World would receive a major expansion called Iceborne, which has a release date of September 6th. Unfortunately, the expansion will appear first on next-generation consoles, with the PC remaining at an uncertain time. This was already done when the base game was released, first on consoles and then on PCs.



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