LGA 1700 provides support over two generations with the possibility of PCIe 5.0

Although the blue team is not yet offering Comet Lake for sale, details of the next generations are already emerging.

LGA 1700 can be pretty hard

The new socket, which Intel will use with Alder Lake processors, can be used in the 3-generation. It is known that the format of the socket will change with the transition of the company to the new socket, which has just switched to LGA 1200 by leaving the new LGA 1151.

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Even if the compatibility of the cooler with the rectangular base is not clear, backward compatibility may be cut off. In this case, it is good news for users to continue using the new base for a long time. Also, if 3 generations of the LGA 1700 are used, the second socket will be the one that is still in use more than 2 years after the LGA 1151, which has been in use for 4 generations.

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Support of PCIe 5.0

On the other hand, LGA 1700 socket platforms can be upgraded to the PCIe 5.0 standard. DDR5 memory support is very likely to be supported by Alder Lake and beyond. In addition, new processors are likely to offer more PCIe channels. New processors are expected to scale up to 8 Golden Cove cores and 8 Gracemont cores.

While it’s gratifying that retaining the same socket is fixed with years of experience, which means no forward/backward compatibility of processor and motherboard, this will pave the way for examples like overclocking the Z170 motherboard with Core i9-9900K.