Intel Whiskey Lake supports all 300 Series chipsets

ASRock already has new stickers for motherboards with H310 chipsets that confirm something we have already talked about. The new Intel Whiskey Lake processors will be compatible with all 300 series motherboards, including all chipsets released for this platform.

Intel Whiskey Lake supports all 300 Series chipsets

Intel Whiskey Lake is compatible with all Intel 300 Series chipsets

It once again confirms the existence of Intel’s 8-core processors for the LGA 1151 socket and these Intel 300 chipsets and finally that it will be possible to mount any Intel Whiskey Lake processor on any 300 series motherboard, including the ability to place an 8-core processor on a motherboard with the H310 low-end chipset. The only requirement is to upgrade the motherboard BIOS, although manufacturers may already sell many of them with an updated BIOS to support the new processors or make life much easier for the user.

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At this point, it should be made clear that it is not recommended to mount an eight-core processor on an H310 motherboard because it contains a very simple and insufficiently cooled VRM that is not sufficient to operate a processor with high power consumption correctly. Worst case scenario, we can make a fire in our PC that nobody wants.

How about Intel’s decision to make its Whiskey Lake processors compatible with all 300 Series motherboards?