Intel adds support for Rocket Lake-S in its Linux drivers, confirms compatibility with 400 and 500 Series

Later this year, Intel will launch Rocket Lake-S, its 11th generation of desktop processors, and is already preparing for market launch with driver support for its new integrated Gen12 based on the Xe architecture.

To support these new processors, Intel has re-used much of the code from Tiger Lake-U, as they will use the same type of embedded processors and therefore will not need to make any changes. Some differences between RL-S and TL-U are memory usage and a third DPLL to use three monitors, something that is generally used in desktops rather than laptops.

Intel adds support for Rocket Lake-S in its Linux drivers

The upgrade also revealed support for 400 series chipsets, something we already knew due to Gigabyte, and the existence of new 500 series chipsets, of which not much has been filtered out yet. These chipsets may support USB 4.0, Thunderbolt 4, and PCI-E 4.0, technologies that the 400 series chipsets announced last week do not yet support, although this is only speculation.

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According to Phoronix, Intel’s idea is to incorporate all these changes into the Linux 5.8 kernel so that it is supported when the new processors are released, something we have seen in several previous generations.