Intel Z590, B560 and H510, PCIe 4.0 enabled chipset logos unveiled for 12th generation Intel Core processors

Intel is preparing four new chipsets, Z590, H570 B560, and H510. Hopefully, Intel will be able to unveil the new Intel 500 series motherboards at CES 2021 along with the new Rocket Lake S processors.

Intel Z590, B560, and H510, chipset logos revealed

The Intel Z590, B560, and H510 chipsets cover the high, mid, and low ranges with an LGA 1200 socket. A number of models are expected to be ready this year from motherboard manufacturing partners, allowing you to make the most of the 12th generation Intel Core processors.

Apparently, promotional material for the supposed new Intel 500-series chipsets is already circulating. This material is then filtered one that shows the logos of the three chipsets Z590, B560, and H510.

Intel Z590, B560 and H510, PCIe 4.0 enabled chipset logos unveiled for 12th generation Intel Core processors

The launch of these motherboards would come before the launch of the Rocket Lake processors. The CPUs could hit the market in March, and the motherboards even earlier. This strategy is notable because these motherboards add support for PCIe 4.0, but this is a benefit that can’t be taken advantage of until Rocket Lake processors are released.

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We have DDR4-3200 memory support on the Z590 and B560 chipsets as well as XMP profiles and support for CPU overclocking, which is not yet confirmed on the H570 and B560 chipsets.

The new Intel processors will add 4 additional PCIe lanes that can be used for direct NVMe PCIe 4.0 storage.

We do not have any further details on the Intel 500 series. We might find out more news at CES 2021.

there are two dates for the release of the new processor: March 1 could be the date for the release of data for the 11th generation processor, and the media can start publishing test data while the pre-sale begins. Official sales, however, will have to wait until March 19, when the ban is lifted for a second time.

The problem now is that even if users buy a new motherboard, no new processors will be available in the short term. It’s worth noting that the new Rocket Lake desktop processors are expected to support the Z490 platform with PCIe 4.0 support, but they will need to be paired with Rocket Lake processors to use PCIe 4.0.

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