Intel Alder Lake: Details about E-Core (Gracemont) and P-Core (Golden Cove) cores

Intel gives more information about the P-Core (Golden Cover) and E-Core (Gracemont) cores in the Alder Lake processors.

Intel Alder Lake: Details about the E-Core (Gracemont) and P-Core (Golden Cove) cores

The company reveals more information about the two cores that will make up the hybrid design of the Alder Lake processors, which will combine powerful large cores and highly efficient small cores.

For single-threaded applications, a single P-core (Golden Cove) provides a 50% performance increase over the E-core (Gracemont). Intel’s hybrid design also delivers 50% more multithreaded performance. As shown in one of the slides, the design with 2 P-cores (Golden Cove) and 8 E-cores (Gracemont) provides 50% more threads and 50% more performance than the design with 4 P-cores (12 threads versus 8 threads).

Intel also uses the issue to talk about Thread Driver, which will be divided into specific IPC groups on Alder Lake cores. The IPC is not necessarily the same for all workloads or cores, and OS developers will have to program by adjusting the performance and efficiency bits of the architecture. The thread director is coming to change this way of working.

Intel Alder Lake, Intel Alder Lake: Details about E-Core (Gracemont) and P-Core (Golden Cove) cores, Optocrypto

Intel gives an example of certain workloads that require thread scheduling for a small workload. With Alder Lake, single-threaded workloads deliver higher performance than assigning a workload to a large core

For this reason, the Windows 11 operating system will be able to get more out of Intel Alder Lake processors, as they are optimized for “hybrid” CPU architectures that combine small and large cores.

The arrival of Intel Core Alder Lake processors will mark a turning point in the history of the Californian company, which will also welcome DDR5 memory, PCIe 5.0 interface, and new LGA 1700 motherboards.

Intel Alder Lake, Intel Alder Lake: Details about E-Core (Gracemont) and P-Core (Golden Cove) cores, Optocrypto

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