DDR5 memories, photograph 4800 MHz @ 1.1V modules

Another company, the US manufacturer Crucial, begins production of the first DDR5 modules.

DDR5 memory, still 4800 MHz modules @ 1.1 V

DDR5 memory technology is no longer exclusive to Chinese manufacturers. A photo of Crucial’s DDR5 modules is a testament to the fact that next-generation RAM modules are already making their way to the world’s leading memory manufacturers.

Crucial is developing DDR5 RAM for desktop and notebook PCs. The SODIMM modules have a capacity of 32GB with a clock speed of 4800MHz and a voltage of just 1.1V. The specifications are the same for UDIMM modules used in desktop PCs. The difference between the two is that UDIMM modules require fewer chips to achieve the 32GB capacity, about four chips of 8GB each. Both modules have a CAS latency of 40 cycles, which seems to be a standard latency for all DDR5 memory so far.

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DDR5 memories, photograph 4800 MHz @ 1.1V modules

DDR 5 memory will enable twice the bandwidth currently offered by DDR4 modules, with clock speeds that will exceed 8400 MHz in the future. Right now, we know that the first DDR5 memory will have speeds of 4800 MHz at a voltage of 1.1V. However, the speed of this memory will increase over time, as was the case with DDR4 modules. It is believed that speeds of 10 GHz can be reached by the end of the cycle.

Intel’s 12th generation Intel Core Alder Lake processors will support it on the desktop and AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 chips are expected to support it as well. We’ll keep you posted on the latest news.