DDR5: AORUS and ASGARD @ 5200 and 4800 MHz memory introduced

Two new DDR5 memory products have been announced in the last few hours. Gigabyte has led the way with its AORUS memory, while ASGARD has followed suit with its RGB-lit memory.

DDR5: AORUS and ASGARD memory with 5200 and 4800 MHz introduced

The first image shows Gigabyte’s AORUS DDR5 memory kits, memory modules without RGB lighting but with a sleek matte black heatsink design.

This AORUS memory seems to have a low profile, which makes it easy to install in any rig and also compatible with motherboards that have a cover in the DIMM slot area, like the upcoming AORUS Z690 XTREME.

This kit has a clock speed of 5200 MHz and a capacity of up to 32 GB (2x 16). According to the packaging, it will support the Intel XMP 3.0 profile, which should be available with Intel Z690 motherboards. The latency times have not been confirmed.

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ASGARD is an Asian company that also manufactures memory. They are announcing DDR5 AERIS memory kits that come with speeds of 4800 MHz and latencies of 40-40-40-77.

This memory, which comes with RGB backlighting, should be one of the most affordable when it goes on sale. Pre-sales for DDR5 memory begin on November 11 at a price of $313, although the actual price at launch will be $345 for the 32GB kit.

The memory will only be available in conjunction with Intel Core “Alder Lake” processors and LGA 1700 motherboards (Intel 600 chipset), which are expected to be available within the next month.