Intel Raptor Lake: Confirmed to exist and shares the SATA controller with Alder Lake

Intel Raptor Lake is confirmed with the SATA controller in common with Alder Lake. We know that Intel is finalizing plans for the launch of the 12th generation Alder processors and that their successors will be the 13th generation Raptor Lake processors. The latest information suggests that these chips will share certain features.

Intel’s presentation to the SATA organization shows that Alder Lake and Raptor Lake will share the same SATA PCH controller. This information also indicates that they will necessarily use the same LGA 1700 socket.

Intel has submitted SATA compliance information to the SATA IO organization that names Intel’s next two generations of processors, Alder Lake and Raptor Lake. The designated device IDs are 7AB0 through 7ACB and 7A30 through 7A4B. This is the first time Alder Lake and Raptor Lake have been officially named together, with the assumption that they will share common features, with Raptor Lake being an “upgraded” version of Alder Lake that uses the same LGA 1700 socket.

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Intel Raptor Lake: Confirmed to exist and shares the SATA controller

The Intel Core Alder Lake CPU generation with the LGA 1700 socket will be the first to welcome DDR5 memory modules along with the PCIe 5.0 connector interface.

Until now, Intel has never confirmed the existence of Raptor Lake, but this official document finally reveals that it is the 13th generation Intel Core.

Intel Raptor Lake

Intel Raptor Lake will feature improvements to the hybrid technology implemented in Alder Lake, as well as support for LPDDR5X memory. It is also confirmed that there will be models for laptops and desktop PCs.

Another major improvement expected from the 13th Gen Intel Core is that the core count will be increased and will be able to reach around 16 cores, an amount already achieved by the desktop competition.