Google releases hardware kit for Hangouts Meet

Google has just introduced the specific hardware kit to work with Hangouts Meet. That is it’s audio and video conferencing service that, as Google points out, is the evolution of Google Hangouts for work environments. With this new kit, which goes on sale today at a price of $ 1,999 in select markets around the world. Also, Google is looking for companies to make high-quality video conferencing.

Google releases hardware kit for Hangouts Meet

Google releases hardware kit for Hangouts Meet

For this, the kit includes four components: a capacitive touch screen of 10 “that acts as a controller to offer an interface after. So, that allows you to see the details of scheduled events, join them, to manage the participants for the same game. Also, that includes the possibility of controlling the camera of the kit.

Also, it integrates a camera with Huddle GO 4K sensor that also offers a viewing angle of 120º. That is to enable the whole table of the same office or meeting room to be covered. This camera integrates automatic learning functions to detect participants and automatically improve frames.

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Also included is a loudspeaker capable of eliminating background noise and offering a bright and clear audio. Also, that is able to pair up to five speakers with a single cable for those cases in which the offices or meeting rooms are large.

And finally, an Asus Chromebox, precisely the Asus CN62 model, which acts as the heart of the kit, enabling the implementation and management of the rest of the hardware of the bag.

In addition to the launch of the hardware kit, G Suite Enterprise customers can now record the meetings and save them in Drive. That will allow having up to 50 participants in the meetings. Also, you even expand the dial-up function to more than a dozen. Markets, as Google points out.


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