Google Meet service, free for 100 participants at no cost for unlimited time

Google Meet, the company’s premium video conferencing service with a capacity of 100 participants, can now be used by anyone for free.

The tool was previously known as “Google Hangouts Meet” and was previously only available to G Suite customers. Last month, the premium version of Meet became available for free to G Suite users.

You could join a Meet call without paying for the product, but the call had to be made by someone with a paid G Suite account. However, this will now change so that anyone can make Meet calls without having to pay for them.

Previously, Google Meet could only be used by groups, teams, businesses, organizations, schools, and institutions. Now, for the first time, individuals are being added to the list.

Google Meet

Originally, calls for the free product were limited to 60 minutes. Now Google will not impose a time limit until September 30. Take advantage of this!

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