Download Google Allo A Fun App But Finds a Little Audiance

Google has just released updates for its email application Google Allo, download on Android and iOS. Animated Emojis, GIF and enhanced wizard integration are on the program.

Download Google Allo A Fun App But Finds a Little Audiance
Google Allo A Fun App

But these new versions do nothing to improve the current complexity of the publisher’s offer.

With Google Allo, Google wanted to propose its own vision of what a “WhatsApp” should be. Launched last September, the application has since received many updates , but nothing necessarily major up to then. The 7.0 mills appeared last night for Android and iOS do not risk to change the deal.

Animated emojis, GIF …

Some new functions are worth noting. One can for example insert animated emojis , in any case those of Google. The function to enlarge the text works with them. The addition of GIFs is also facilitated. The user simply has to touch the smiley icon and drag the screen to the left to bring up the integrated search.

The new Google Allo also simplifies the use of the wizard in conversations. It can now be called by a small button to the right of the editing area. We then switch to wizard mode, which allows us to ask the question. The answer, as always, fits into the conversation and is therefore visible to all participants.

Google Allo Messaging: the great bazaar at Google

But Google works fine to facilitate certain functions and make its application more “fun”, the situation does not become better for Google Allo. The application has difficulty finding its audience, the publisher having made more than strange choices in the field of messaging.

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Google had Hangouts so it could have evolved  into a more user-friendly interface. Hangouts already had the benefit of being multi platform and accessible from conventional computers. But not only did the company choose to launch a new service, but it also separated the features. Unlike WhatsApp or Viber, Google Allo can not make calls, audio, or video. Only Duo  allows video conferencing, and only for two. Audio calls are not present in any of the new applications.

It’s hard to understand where the company is going with such a complex offer. The courier market is particularly competitive, with a Facebook Messenger ubiquitous and a WhatsApp (also Facebook) at a short distance behind, each exceeding for months the billion users. One could add Viber, Line, Telegram and many others in the fight. And if the situation was not already complex enough, Google also pushes its own Android  Messaging (ex-Messenger), which uses the RCS standard to enrich the SMS.

Google would have had everything to gain by offering a unique and identifiable solution, rather than splitting batch functionality with dedicated applications. Not to mention some features – like audio calls precisely – that have been set aside. Hangouts is therefore still relevant, even if it has to get closer to companies. Google has recently launched Meet a professional version of the service.