Samsung prepares its own Mixed Reality Goggles

Microsoft will hold a devoted Windows Mixed Reality occasion one week from now where it will declare it gets ready for the stage and in addition various headsets. That may incorporate Samsung’s gadget.

Two things emerge about the headset: It seems to help six degrees of opportunity for positional following. And Microsoft’s own particular movement controllers appear as though they will highlight in the package.

Samsung prepares its own Mixed Reality Goggles

At that point, there’s sound, as Samsung is apparently incorporating a couple of AKG earphones directly into the headset. That is likely with customizable pads to better fit over the client’s ears.

Samsung Mixed Reality Goggles

Samsung seems not to want to leave loose ends in this segment of the market. The reason for saying this is that it is stated that it will manufacture its own glasses of Mixed Virtual Reality.

Someone might see something strange in this movement. But the truth is that it does not come any more than to maintain the way of working of the Korean company to offer all the possible option when it enters a segment of the market. As in this case the own one of the virtual reality. The case is that betting on a Mixed Reality Glasses. That shows that the company will launch more devices with the Microsoft operating system. That is good news because it will keep their tablets or convertibles with Windows 10. That is of high quality.

Competition with Microsoft Mixed Reality

The case is that Samsung will have to compete with companies such as Lenovo, HP or Dell to offer the most attractive glasses to users. And, the truth is that for the moment it has been known that these will have a little-seen element in the competition. They will incorporate specific headphones improve the experience with the sound. And, these, will be signed by AKG (brand of which recently we analyzed wireless headsets).

Design Samsung mixed virtual reality glasses

Design of the Samsung Virtual Reality Goggles

Without having anything clear what they will offer in concrete form in their hardware the new product of the Korean company. All we have some photos that give solidity to the information that we indicate.

Concrete Storm Art exhibition of MR (mixed reality)

As pointed to the source of the information to the glasses will not lack the accessories for the hands. And these will be able to execute gesture actions with greater precision in the environments. That are generated by the device compatible with Mixed Virtual Reality. This is what Samsung’s product looks like.

Obviously, it is unclear when Samsung will put on sale this accessory, but it should not take long to do so to compete properly with its rivals. As for example, HP plans to put on sale their Virtual Reality Mixed glasses on the next 17 of October.

What is Mixed Virtual Reality?

Developed by Microsoft, Mixed Virtual Reality is the fusion of virtual and augmented reality. That allows managing both objects that exist in reality and what have been created. In this way, everything that surrounds the user is an option when it comes to interacting. It seems to be more complete. And its implementation is taking place both in the professional and in the ludic. Windows 10 supports this technology without problems.


In short, a direct competition of the virtual reality. And we will see which of the two technologies is imposed or if it is possible that both coexist in the market. The fact is that Samsung does not want to leave any loose ends and wants to be present on both platforms.

Price and other information

There isn’t substantially more data on Samsung’s new rigging, yet risks are that it will join different Windows Mixed Reality headsets when the stage dispatches — close by the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update — on October 17.

Mixed Reality PC Check, Check if you’re ready

There is no sign on cost, either, however, we can anticipate that it will fall inside the $300-500 (£220-370) territory: Acer is setting its headset at $299 (£219). While Dell and Lenovo are going marginally over that at $349 (£259).

HP, then again, is going up at $499 (£369). Yet it will likewise incorporate movement controllers. So Samsung’s own headset will probably drift around that cost as well.


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