Apple’s first foldable-screen smartphone to arrive in 2020

In these days where technology has become our best ally, phone companies are working on projects that provide their users with equipment that goes beyond the casual. Such is the case of folding screen phones, for which we have been hearing rumors for several months.

Apple’s first foldable-screen smartphone to arrive in 2020

Apple’s first foldable-screen smartphone to arrive in 2020

That equipment is not only a visual beauty but also involves the use of advanced technology by companies. In this sense, it is now Apple, who surprises us by wanting to enter this world of folding phones, just as Samsung, LG, Lenovo, ZTE, who have already done it. Although they have not launched any equipment with these characteristics to the market. They already have a great advantage to the apple firm.

Since last year, Apple has been working with LG to order foldable OLED panels that could go into production in 2020, according to the Korean daily The Investor. That may be an indication that Apple is already working on it.

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According to the source, Apple is working with Asian partners to create an iPhone with a new design. And Wamsi Mohan, a senior analyst at Wall Street’s Merrill Lynch Bank of America, has written a report on the issue after a meeting with Apple’s suppliers in Asia. Where it says that:

“We expect that iPhone coming in the fall will show little difference in their OLED versions. Although size changes have proven to be a catalyst in the past,” adding: “Our findings also suggest that Apple is working with vendors on a folding phone (which could potentially become a tablet) to be released in 2020.

Although this information has not yet been confirmed by the firm. And we are sure that it will not be long before we hear from them.