Motorola folding smartphone with appearance of Motorola V3

Motorola is also interested in folding smartphone market with the patented Motorola folding smartphone. Just recently a patent of the international patent office has been discovered on Motorola mobile phones. From the patent, it is clear that this mobile phone is very similar to the Motorola V3. And of course, this is similar to Motorola, because the patent refers to the design of the foldable screen, and it uses a foldable screen that makes it look very attractive.

Motorola folding smartphone

Motorola folding smartphone appears! The shape looks exactly like V3

Regarding foldable screen phones, as I believe many people have heard of them. As the full-screen mobile phone gained popularity, many manufacturers started looking for screen designs that were not full-screen and the folding screen also pleased a large number of mobile phone manufacturers. At first, ZTE released a foldable phone, but it looks more like a book in appearance, and then Samsung also released a foldable screen phone and its texture and name also appeared. It is clear that foldable screen telephones will be a trend in the future.

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Motorola’s patent on the foldable display phone is just a flash. Since its form is similar to that of the Motorola V3, it will be very competitive in the future mobile market if it is released and listed in the future. This year, the popularity of the Motorola V3 is as impressive as that of today’s iPhone. If there is a similar phone, I think some nostalgic users will look forward to it!