AMD RDNA 3 ISA is released for developers

AMD’s GPUOpen group has released the instruction set programming guide for RDNA 3 (ISA). The first RX 7000 graphics cards are on the market, and developers now get the programming guide to get the most out of them.

AMD RDNA 3 ISA is released for low-level optimization

The new GPUOpen reference guide covers the instruction set architecture of the new RDNA 3 GPUs. These low-level instructions for the RDNA 3 architecture enable developers to optimize their applications, tools, and games to take full advantage of AMD’s gaming architecture.

The AMD ISA provides complete information on the execution of the RDNA3 shader code, as well as the entire list of available instructions and the entire memory structure, which should make low-level optimization and compiler-level tuning much easier for developers.

The PDF document is 606 pages long and covers only the shader ISA and does not include programming details for other IP blocks. AMD has focused on improving its Linux drivers, which has improved the performance of its GPUs under Linux. The AMD Radeon RX 7900 series has performed well under Linux 6.0+ and also with Mesa 22.3/23.0-devel Git for the latest RADV and RadeonSI drivers. We will keep you updated on any news.

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