AMD Zen 4 would use RDNA 2 architecture and integrated graphics

AAMD Zen 4 would have integrated graphics with RDNA 2 architecture. AMD Ryzen processors (not APUs) have always been released without integrated graphics, but that will change with the new Zen 4 architecture.

AMD Ryzen has been an impressive success in terms of sales and performance over the competition since its first generation. However, the integration of an integrated GPU has always been lacking, or rather, the lack of an integrated GPU reserved only for APU processors.

AMD Zen 4 would use RDNA 2 architecture and integrated graphics

This forces PC users who opt for this type of processor to include a graphics card in the equation, otherwise there would be no video output at all. The opposite is the case with Intel, which offers an integrated GPU in every Core series except for the models with the F nomenclature.

According to a last-minute leak, the “Zen 4” Ryzen CPUs will have integrated graphics for the first time, based on RDNA 2. This means that all desktop processors launched by AMD will have integrated graphics. However, this Zen 4 architecture-based series will not be released anytime soon.

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AMD will launch the Zen-4 series processors at the end of 2022. So it will be more than a year before we see them in action. The integration of an integrated graphics card marks a before and after, as does support for DDR5 memory and a new AM5 socket, but there will be no support for PCIe 5.0 interface connectivity. We will keep you up to date.