Linux dethrones Windows among developers

Stack Overflow one of the largest online developer communities publishes the results of its latest annual survey. Linux takes its place from Windows number 1.

Linux dethrones Windows among developers

Linux dethrones Windows among developers

In addition, the survey is the result of a study of over 100,000 developers. Besides, numerous topics were addressed, ranging from artificial intelligence to ethics and remuneration levels. The results have just been published.

JavaScript remains the most widely used programming language for the sixth consecutive year. For 80% of respondents, the code is a hobby, and 92.9% are men. We learn that MySQL and SQL Server remain the most used databases in the world and Rust is the most popular programming language for the third time.

Linux is the number 1 choice of developers

Also, the big surprise of all these figures is the different operating systems. The Linux open-source platform has dethroned Microsoft’s Windows operating system. This year, it has become the most widely used development environment. In figures, Linux has grown in twelve months from 32.9% to 48.3%.

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So, Windows was down 5.6%, from 41.0% to 35.4%, on both desktops and servers. Apple’s MacOS ranks fifth with a presence at 17.9%, followed by Raspberry Pi users with 15.9%. But, Android remains relatively stable from one year to the next.

Also, the survey also shows that the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud platform is the most popular, ahead of Google and Microsoft solutions.