AMD enhanced open source software tools for game developers

AMD released a number of updates to its powerful Radeon software development tools to accelerate game design and innovation.

AMD enhances open source software tools for game developers
Based on open standards and to maximize gaming performance, the following AMD developer tools are now available on GPUOpen:

Radeon GPU Profiler (RGP) 1.5 – AMD has added three new features to its low-level optimization tool for DirectX 12, Vulkan and OpenCL, including Instruction Time, so developers can see the length of the instructions; Shader ISA, to let developers see the shader code in the channeling state; and User Market Display in order to give developers a better idea of what the GPU is working on.

Radeon GPU Analyzer (RGA) 2.1 – Updates to the offline compiler and shader performance analysis tool include a new GUI interface for Vulcan and OpenCL analysis and the ability to use the shader compiler directly from the installed Radeon software driver instead of the included driver.

Microsoft PIX specific GPU Data Support – Microsoft’s primary tool for debugging and analyzing DirectX 12 game performance on Windows 10, Microsoft PIX AMD-specific GPU data support, enables developers who primarily use PIX to debug and analyze their DX12 performance to better optimize their games for Radeon graphics, with access to GPU-specific high-frequency counter data.

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OCAT (Open Capture and Analytics Tool) 1.4 – Updates to company’s easy performance analysis and Open Source Capture Tool include an acoustic indicator that the capture is taking place and an enhanced in-game overlay with a frame time graph and API display.
AMD TrueAudio Next (TAN) – The AMD SDK for GPU-accelerated audio processing for realistic 3D audio now supports the latest Steam Audio Beta 17, released in February.

AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR Samples – To help game developers better optimize their games for Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR, the company will make the sample code available through a number of technical blogs.