Intel oneAPI 2022, secure software and hardware development tools

Intel unveils OneAPI 2022 and strengthens the ecosystem with new centers of excellence. Besides presenting the Intel Core i9-12900K and all the benefits of Alder Lake, the American company took the opportunity to make another set of announcements related to developers.

Intel oneAPI 2022, secure software and hardware development tools

Intel wants to make life easier for developers and that’s why it has introduced this area called the Unified Developer Zone.

The Unified Developer Zone makes it easier for developers to access various technical resources, code samples, various specialized tools, AI resources, the cloud, 5G/Edge connectivity, reference designs, and more.

There’s also a catalog of sorts that includes Intel toolkits like OneAPI, OpenVINO, and various key software.

Generally, all kinds of tools and resources for software developers to train.

OneAPI is an open, unified programming model that can run on a variety of architectures, including CPUs and accelerator architectures such as GPUs, FPGAs, and the like.

This way, developers can choose the best architecture for the task at hand and not have to rewrite code for each individual architecture, be it CPU, GU, FPGA, etc.

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The new version of OneAPI will be released in the coming weeks with more than 900 new features compared to the 2021 version. These include cross-architecture development capabilities for CPUs and GPUs through the first unified C++/SYCL/Fortran and Data Parallel Python compiler.

Finally, Intel aims to boost game development on its platform with an expanded range of best-in-class services for PC game developers at all levels.

“Game developers want two things: to make a great game and to grow their player base,” said Steven Augustine, director of marketing and software experiences. “Our goal at Intel is to empower all game developers to create amazing game experiences and get them into the hands of gamers around the world.” The new and improved GameDev program delivers on that promise.”

The company promises comprehensive support throughout the game development process, meaning 24/7 support for all developers participating in the program. There is access to all kinds of documentation and a new feature called Intel GPA that helps developers analyze and solve performance issues in games. This tool is already available for Unreal Engine via a plugin.

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You can read about it at the link below. If you want to access all the other announcements from Intel, you can visit this link.