Playstation 5 exclusive title Abandoned may come to PC

We have good news for Silent Hill fans: while there are no new games in the franchise on the way, the game Abandoned, which is considered by many to be a spiritual successor, might be coming to the PC despite its announcement as a Playstation 5 exclusive title.

The game, which was announced two months ago, is a cinematic first-person horror shooter that bears some similarities to Silent Hill. The rumors that it was developed by the legendary Hideo Kojima became so big that its own developers had to come out and clarify that Kojima was not involved in the project. In fact, the latest rumors about Kojima involve him with Xbox, so it looks like we won’t be seeing a Playstation game from him for a long time.

Back to Abandoned: while the game was announced as a Playstation 5 exclusive title, a tweet from the developer hints that it could be coming to PC in the future. We must stress that this tweet, which says “The PC community will rejoice,” is not an official confirmation that the game will come to PC, even if it comes from the developers, which opens the possibility that this will happen.

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The developers of Abandoned will reveal the first gameplay trailer for the game this Tuesday, the 22nd. So, it’s possible that along with the trailer we will learn some news about the game’s availability. In the meantime, everything is just speculation, so we recommend taking all this information with a grain of salt.