PlayStation 5 exclusive Silent Hill will be launched this Thursday at the Sony event

Rumors have been circulating for some time about a new Silent Hill exclusive for PlayStation 5, and now source Dusk Golem announces that the game will be unveiled on Thursday 4 June during Sony’s digital event.

According to his tweet, the title is already in playable form, and, as previous rumors have indicated, it will be released exclusively for PlayStation 5. The informant seems very confident about his prediction that it will be unveiled this Thursday, although he also admits there is a chance that it will be unveiled at the State of Play event in August.

It should be noted that Dusk not only mentioned Silent Hill; he also said that Resident Evil 8 could be announced sometime this month. According to him, the next part of the saga was to be unveiled during E3 this year, and he suspects that there are still plans to announce it later this month.

Neither the new Silent Hill nor Resident Evil 8 have been officially announced. Either way, we will keep you posted.

The PlayStation 5 will be on the market by the end of the year, as Sony has confirmed. The only piece of hardware we’ve seen so far is the DualSense controller, which makes the gaming experience more realistic and even allows you to feel the rain.


Silent Hill, PlayStation 5 exclusive Silent Hill will be launched this Thursday at the Sony event, Optocrypto

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