MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon equipped with Kaby lake Processor

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An internet leak reveals MSI motherboard adaptation of Intel’s latest processors Kaby lake technology. And one of the most interesting one is gaming pro carbon MSI Z270. Let’s see what are its basic specifications and advantages over other motherboards available in the market.

Differences and Comparison between Best VR Goggles

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Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular these days. With the amazing 3D virtual vision one gets almost real time surrounding feelings, just like you are in that reality and be a part of that scene. Until now there are many 3D viewing technologies are introduced, one of them if you remember is stereoscopic … Read more about Differences and Comparison between Best VR Goggles

LG G Pad III 10.1 FHD LTE Tablet with a Practical Stand

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but, up to now, it seems that LG shows its absence in the market this year, but here comes their new surprising portfolio entry. New LG G Pad III has joined the company which is a new variant of their previously announced 8.1-inch version.

Samsung Series 9 laptops Powered by Kaby Lake Processors

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Samsung Series 9 laptops comes from Samsung. Finally new technology Kaby lake processor technology has been acquired by Samsung. In their new series 9 laptop they have combined amazing performance and stylish look. See how this laptop is going to compete in market.

Calyos NSG Cube: a Fanless PC with GeForce 1060 GTX

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Calyos NSG Cube, it’s time to be silent for personal computers (PC), it means no audible fan operations. Calyos NSG cube is fully equipped high efficiency personal computer with no audible fan, question is what are thermal advances used in that PC that it is still a high performance PC. Here comes a total quiet … Read more about Calyos NSG Cube: a Fanless PC with GeForce 1060 GTX

MSI Optix G27C: HD curved monitor with HD display on VA matrix

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MSI launched its new arrival in market by introducing MSI Optix G27C curved monitor. Optix G27 serves high end array, with millions of colors and very high response time. What’s best in this monitor? MSI generally produces equipment specialized for gamming applications and hardware. After their technological shift from all in one (AIO) computers and … Read more about MSI Optix G27C: HD curved monitor with HD display on VA matrix

Bluetooth 5: An ideal choice for iot developers

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Bluetooth 5 has been announced by with great improvements in features and operating parameters without increasing power consumption. With improved technology Bluetooth 5 can transmit and receive data from and to peripheral devices much faster than its previous version. Let’s reveal technology upgrades and new algorithms and RF communications of Bluetooth 5 standard.  

Aorus X3 v6 Plus: a laptop for gamers with GeForce 1060 GTX

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Aorus X3 v6 Plus best gamming laptop. Gaming laptops are trending these days, and here comes another fabulous entry: AORUS X3 V6 Plus, equipped with powerful gamming tools. Providing amazing sensation of playing games, while keeping system durable and in cool condition. Capable of playing true QHD games in a smoother way by staying cool … Read more about Aorus X3 v6 Plus: a laptop for gamers with GeForce 1060 GTX

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