Intel Tiger Lake-H laptop CPUs feature 8 cores and 16 threads at 10 nm

Today, we learned more about what Intel’s future laptop processors will look like: Intel’s high-performance 11th-generation Tiger Lake-H. This is the first time 8-core processors based on a 10nm process have been brought to the laptop market.

Intel Tiger Lake-H: 8-core high performance at 10nm to combat AMD

The information comes from the Notebookcheck portal, more precisely from its sources in the laptop industry. The 11th generation Tiger Lake processors were announced just a month ago, but due to their premium 4-core and 8 thread design, they are not targeted at high-performance segments. This will change with Tiger Lake-H, a development Intel is already working on.

These processors come with a configuration of up to 8 cores and 16 threads, in their variants up to 45W, while the 4/8 cap is maintained for the 35W. These will probably be the first laptops from Intel to combine their 10nm process with that number of cores.

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Intel Tiger Lake-H laptop CPUs feature 8 cores and 16 threads at 10 nm

This process is very efficient and powerful, but they have not yet been able to implement it in a larger number of cores. If they are successful at high frequencies, they will certainly be a big contender for AMD and their future Ryzen 5000 “Cezanne” CPUs. This is the biggest unknown at the moment, the level of frequencies they can reach is completely unknown.

As for their graphics, they will continue to be Intel Xe-LP, with up to 32 EUs (compared to 96 on the existing i7-1185G7), clearly intended for computers with dedicated graphics. In either case, the iGPU will be able to have 8K 60Hz HDR video outputs. RAM support will be up to 128GB DDR4-3200, and the PCIe lanes will be 20 from the CPU and 24 from the chipset.

The future of the laptop market is promising. It seems that both AMD and Intel have a lot to work on in the coming months, we will see the best of both companies.

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