Intel Tiger Lake-H would arrive in the first quarter of 2021

A new leak indicates the introduction of Intel Tiger Lake-H in the first quarter of 2021. Inside we’ll tell you what’s new.

Intel has been planning the introduction of its next high-performance chips for laptops. Several media have echoed the news of the famous Twitter user @momomo_us. It didn’t take long to create all the rumors about Intel’s next generation of portable processors. Here are the details.

Intel Tiger Lake-H will arrive in 2021: 10nm and DDR5?

Intel is expected to unveil the Tiger Lake U processor series on September 2. This generation of chips would come with a 10nm process, Willow Cove architecture, and Intel Xe iGPU. The person responsible for unveiling the Pandora’s box is @momomo_us, a Twitter user famous for filtering news.

Intel’s roadmap foresees the phase-out of Coffee Lake-HR for the high-performance NUCs in 2021. Intel’s Tiger Lake-H is expected to have an 8-core design that is twice as high as Tiger Lake-U’s expectations. We also know that Tiger Lake-U will support LPDDR5, but as far as Tiger Lake-H is concerned, it’s just a rumor: it would support DDR5.

Another aspect to consider is the TDP of these chips since Ryzen 4000 offers high efficiency. On the one hand, Tiger Lake-U would offer a TDP of up to 28W, while Tiger Lake-H would have a TDP of up to 35W.

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If this were true, we would be dealing with the 1st generation of portable Intel high-performance processors with a 10nm process. It would be a big step forward for Intel, as it is notorious for its stagnation in the 14nm. Here is the tweet from @momomo_us with a very interesting excerpt.

Concerning the new products from Intel, in the second half of 2020 an 8-core Comet Lake-H processor with a 14 nm processor will come on the market and at the end of 2020 a middle-class product from Rocket Lake, which will be a continuation of the 14 nm Comet Lake processor.

For the 10nm, the 8-core Tiger Lake-H is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2021, but only with DDR4 memory support. The mid-range Tiger Lake U processors will be introduced in Q3 2020 and will support LPDDR5.

Low-power, low-end CPUs (chrome books and small laptops) will be introduced in late 2020 with Jasper Lake 10nm.

The main supply of CPUs will focus on the 10nm (Ice Lake and Tiger Lake), which will be launched in Q3 2020. In 2021, Intel will launch Alder Lake at 10nm wavelength only, leaving 14nm behind.