Iris Xe, New integrated graphics benchmark for Intel Tiger Lake leaked

A new benchmark has been discovered that features the previously unannounced integrated Iris Xe graphics on the upcoming Intel Tiger Lake processor. These new processors are based on a 10nm SuperFIN manufacturing node with Willow Cove and Xe-LP graphics architectures.

This processor series is expected to deliver twice the performance of the integrated Iris graphics of the current 10th generation Ice Lake, although both are a low-power (up to 28W) mobile series for ultra-thin and compact notebooks. Intel will officially launch its energy-efficient Tiger Lake processors on September 2.

The new benchmark shows Iris Xe graphics with 768 ALUs (cores) at a frequency of 1650 MHz. This is a 350 MHz increase over the speculative 1.3 GHz and 100 MHz higher than the previously filtered benchmark.

Iris Xe, New integrated graphics benchmark for Intel Tiger Lake leaked

Anyway, this is not the first time we see a higher clock rate of the Xe graphics. Previously, a Tiger Lake processor with a GPU at 1.55 GHz was discovered in the Geekbench site. The site describes it as a desktop version, so it could be Intel’s special DG1 card for the mobile sector.

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Finally, this will be the new logo that will accompany the next generation of Intel graphics, Iris Xe. The official announcement will take place this Wednesday, so we will have more details.