Intel Iris Xe Max, the next Intel GPU is discovered at SiSoft

The Intel Iris Xe Max GPU appeared in some filtered benchmarks and also points to the possibility that Xe Max is the name of DG1, Intel’s first discrete GPU.

Intel Iris Xe Max, Intel’s next GPU is discovered in SiSoft

A SiSoftware entry shows the GPU with 96 runtime units and 768 stream processors. The benchmark also shows a clock rate of 1.55 GHz, a 1 MB L2 cache, and 3 GB VRAM.

It is also interesting that the benchmark record shows that the notebook used for the tests is an Intel reference platform based on Coffee Lake. If it is a validation system, the CPU name may simply be wrong, but it is also a good possibility that this is Iris Xe Max DG1, a discrete GPU, and it would not matter with which CPU it is used.

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Intel is not shy with the name Iris Xe Max. This name had previously appeared in a promotional video of Intel on YouTube, as the company recently changed its brand.

Intel Iris Xe Max, the next Intel GPU is discovered at SiSoft

A leak in the Weibo social network, which we can’t verify, has suggested that this GPU is released in a laptop called Acer Swift 3X with a 25W TGP and 4GB LPDDR4x-4266 for VRAM. However, this information should be treated with caution.

The Iris Xe Max GPUs will most likely debut with the Tiger Lake H-series processors, but we will know for sure when it will be officially released. We will keep you up to date.