Kodama 3DGo: A special mouse for three-dimensional environments

Kodama is a hardware and software company whose mission is to enable users to interact intuitively with barrier-free computers, and now launches its first product in Kickstarter.

Kodama 3DGo: A special mouse for three-dimensional environments

Kodama 3DGo: A special mouse for three-dimensional environments

This is Kodama 3DGo, a platform they call the “PlayStation” from AR and VR, with 3 games and a software SDK, but they are already preparing two more titles.

Kodama 3DGo has been designed to allow humans to create and express themselves in a more intuitive way in the age of computers and 3D software, and for this purpose, they show an ergonomically designed controller, a kind of mouse that when moved in 3D space has control of the virtual. It has a “HoloDock”, which acts as a “dock” for augmented reality and allows the multiplayer experience with mobile phones or headphones.

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The interaction with virtual reality currently requires total immersion, so they believe that 3DGo can give the user total 3D control without the need for glasses, as the screen becomes a window to the virtual world.

They’ve created it for players who need fast interfaces with natural gestures instead of buttons and joysticks, as well as for 3D designers and developers, as it’s a way to quickly create applications with Unity.

To do this they have created their own 3D tracking technology, a non-optical 3D tracking system that can work on most Bluetooth Low Energy devices (tablet, mobile, smartTV, headset, PC, and MAC), as explained at kodamaworld.com/dev

Charles Leclercq and Antoni Pakowski are the founders, as well as Daeun Lee and Victor Bellvert, who met on the Innovation Design Engineering course at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, where they developed the technology and product.

We can see the details on this Kickstarter page.